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BotDetect CAPTCHA Generator is a useful tool for securing online forms and preventing bots and suspicious users from accessing the form. The software adds a simple evaluation process to online forms and asks the user to enter the correct answers to confirm sending information to the server. Solving these questions is very simple for real users and authenticated, but robots and automated machines can not cross this security barrier. Using captcha and similar security solutions, such as creating a random security code, is very common and can prevent suspicious accounts from accessing forms. These software solutions largely thwart malicious operations such as DDOS.

Unlike other similar software, this tool respects the privacy and information of individuals and will not track your users’ information after the first installation. The incident reached the point where Google announced that the captcha system provided by Google has been tracking and tracking users ‘information for more than 2 years and has access to a large amount of users’ personal information. Boot Detect is also equipped with an alternative voice tool (voice assistant) that can easily help the blind and visually impaired. Voice Assistant will increase the accessibility of your website and will have a significant impact on the SEO score and the final result of your website in Google search.

Features of BotDetect CAPTCHA Generator:

  • Protecting the privacy of users and not pursuing information on the Internet
  • No need for a separate server and hosting space
  • Can be used in .NET Core, Java and PHP projects
  • Full support for popular website client development framework frameworks such as Angular, jQuery, etc.
  • Provide test mode (TestMode)
  • Create captcha and security codes in different languages
  • High accessibility and voice assistant support for people with visual impairments
  • Possibility to customize the image size, number of letters, letters or numbers of the captcha, icons, etc.

Required System for BotDetect CAPTCHA Generator

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Installation guide of BotDetect CAPTCHA Generator

React Integration Guides

Angular Integration Guides

Jquery Integration Guides

PHP Integration Guides

JAVA Integration Guides

ASP.NET Integration Guides

Localization Guide

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