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BabelEdit is a powerful file editor and translation tool from various languages ​​and frameworks such as JSON, YAML, PHP, arb, vue, Angular, React, Amber, Flutter, Laravel, and more. .. supports. In the world of programming where you use one language, everything is easy and fast, but as soon as you use two or more languages, challenges and problems begin. It is very difficult to build multilingual and internationalization programs, and translating all the errors and messages into the required languages ​​can confuse you. Translating all messages to the destination, usability of all messages, specifying the status of translation such as final or draft translation, receiving output files of required languages ​​in different formats, etc. are among the most important challenges. . Who faced them.

If the sync option is enabled, the software can be created in the original language and immediately identify the source and apply it to other existing language files. Operations such as add, rename, delete, etc. are supported by this feature.

BabelEdit Features:

  • No need for any format conversion, import and export
  • Full support for json (Angular, React, Laravel, Vue and more), yaml (Ember), php (Laravel translation data), vue (Vue.js single file components) and …
  • Automatic detection of the framework used in the project
  • Automatically detect the structure of translated files without the need for introduction
  • Find useless and useless translations
  • Identify untranslated translations in source code
  • Automatic and fast translation by connecting to Google Translate, Microsoft Translator and DeepL services
  • Provide various suggestions for choosing the best possible translation
  • Check spelling mistakes and correct various mistakes
  • Supports 42 live languages ​​of the world
  • Receive output from all translations and original files to share with other team members
  • Supports .xlsx, .csv and Google Spreadsheets formats for data transfer and output

System Requirements

Windows 8.1 / 10


BabelEdit screenshot

Download Links

Download BabelEdit 3.0.0

Download TexturePacker 6.1.0

Download SpriteIlluminator 1.6.0

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