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JavaScript Testing Practices and Principles is the name of the JavaScript code testing methods and principles training course published by the Frontendmasters website.
Learn the basics and best practices for writing maintainable test programs to catch bugs before your product reaches the end user! Join Kent C. Dodds and learn the principles behind testing and testing frameworks, the different types of testing, and when to use them to ensure your tests give you the confidence you need. You’ll also learn to write unit and integration tests with the popular Jest framework, mock dependencies, and use test-driven development to write new features and help find bugs!

What you will learn in JavaScript Testing Practices and Principles course :

  • Automated Testing
  • Jest Testing Framework
  • Unit Test
  • Integration Test
  • Monkey Patch

Course details :

Publisher: FrontendMasters
Instructor: Kent C. Dodds
language : English
Training level: advanced
Number of courses: 24
Training duration: 3 hours 40 minutes

JavaScript Testing Practices and Principles course Content :

Intro to Testing

Automated Testing
Your First Test Exercise
Your First Test Solution
Coding an Assertion Library
Coding a Testing Framework

Unit Tests

Jest Testing Framework
Course Code Walkthrough
Unit Test Demo
Writing a Basic Unit Test Exercise
Writing a Basic Unit Test Solution
Test Factories & Colocating Tests Q&A
Code Coverage


Monkey Patch a Mock Exercise
Monkey Path a Mock Solution
Asserting Calling a Mock Exercise
Using Jest spyOn
Using Jest Mock
Jest Q&A
Using a __mocks__ directory
More Mocking with Users

Testing Practices

Unit Tests for Express Middleware
Unit Tests for Express Middleware Solution
Test Object Factories
Test-Driven Development
Test-Driven Development Solution

Integration Tests

Basic Integration Test for a Node Server

Wrapping Up

Additional Resources and Q&A

Requirements :

  • General familiarity with JavaScript

Pictures :


Simple Video :


Installation guide :

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