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PLEXOS is an integrated energy market simulation software published by Energy Exemplar. The energy market is a dynamic and vibrant market, and there is data and information models available in this large market. Watching daily market developments and large amounts of data can confuse you and make it difficult for future investments and analysis. Using an integrated and comprehensive thing is the only available solution to this challenge. With the help of this software, the user can integrate from different sources and streams and reduce the volume of confusion and duplicate data. This software offers an advanced platform for forecasting and modeling market data, which is unique in its kind.

The software’s powerful simulation engines can analyze a variety of different regional and node models. This software is very acceptable and can be used in long-term and specific investments, medium-term operational planning and similar short-term and hourly even energy market. The data of this software can be very useful in the decisions of investment and operational teams and to them in performing accurate simulations and modeling and conceptualization in various energy markets such as hydropower, electricity, and burnt energy. Fossils and energy fuels help a lot.

PLEXOS Features:

  • Joint optimization
  • Regional and node analysis
  • Renewable energy market analysis
  • Multifunctional optimization of the decision process
  • Compatibility with different long-term, medium-term and short-term time periods
  • Ability to configure software in different scenarios and modes
  • Use conditional variables
  • Use real and proven research and resources to increase the accuracy of the simulations
  • Simultaneous analysis of several scenarios
  • Joint and simultaneous optimization of electrical, fossil and water systems
  • Simulation of competitive behaviors
  • Personalize the simulation process to increase its speed and accuracy
  • Increase profitability in the process of buying and selling multiple commodities
  • Reduce staggering IT costs
  • Simplify and direct the data entry and output process and reduce system errors and errors

System Requirement 

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10


PLEXOS screenshot


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