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CatchmentSIM is a powerful and specialized software for analysis of hydrology (hydrology) of the earth, which has been developed and published by Catchment Simulation Solutions. This software has a variety of capabilities, the most important of which are the mapping of catchments, the study of flow paths and integration, and support for various hydrological models.

CatchmentSIM Features:

  • Build a digital elevation model (DEM) using a set of diverse and functional datasources
  • Elimination of flat sections and holes from digital elevation (DEM) models using advanced filling capabilities and violation algorithms
  • Build dedicated and drained maps for anywhere on earth
  • Automatic drawing of water distribution networks and waterways
  • Automatically split a catchment into smaller catchments
  • Automatic calculation of impermeable ratios of a catchment
  • Project illustration and modeling with 3D OpenGL
  • Display the final output in Google Earth maps for presentation in meetings and work environments
  • Ability to integrate software with other available tools and advanced scripting

System Requirement 

Supported Operating Systems: Windows 10 & Windows 7 (64bit only)

Minimum Screen Resolution: 1920 x 1080 (higher resolutions and multiple monitors supported)

CPU and RAM: i3 or better CPU, 8 GB RAM or better


CatchmentSIM screenshot


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