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Learn Beginner Python Using Football/Soccer-olly Projects is the name of the Python programming language training course using football game projects published by the Academy.Learn to code with this beginner Python programming course featuring 100% football-related examples and projects.

Whether you want to change careers and become a super savvy sports data analyst or, just pick the best fantasy league team every week – learning Python is where it all begins.

Check out this course and learn a new high-income skill while tackling interesting football scenarios.

As a sports fan, even if you’ve tried to learn to program before, but lost interest because of the boring examples – give this course a go – you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

And, obviously, if you aspire to become a sports data analyst, but need to learn Python basics first – then this is definitely the course for you. You will learn programming using relevant sports examples as opposed to rehashed unrelatable exercises.

This course is very practical. I’m going to teach you a lot of different concepts right from the start, and you will immediately see how they work in a practice – in real scenarios – because you are programming something from lesson one. Then, we will keep on using and building on these concepts throughout our projects until you become really familiar with them.

Many other courses take 10-20 videos to go through some of the concepts I introduce in lesson one – and you would be sitting there wondering when you’re going to get to actually program something. With this course, you won’t ever feel that.

This course is based on a very successful learning strategy that many experienced programmers encourage, which is to find a project that you enjoy doing, and then learn the concepts you need to complete that project. Then do another project and, learn what you need, and build your knowledge, and so on.

Learn what you love, love what you do

So, if you are ready to invest some time in learning Python – why not enjoy it? It’s a lot easier to learn to program when you’re engaged in the subject matter and working through scenarios that you can picture in real life – and while having fun. So, are you ready to kick-off? I know, I am….

Who is this course suitable for?

  • Sports-fans who want to learn python programming
  • Anyone who wants to consider a career as a sports data analyst and wants a place to start
  • Beginner programmers who want to learn Python while working on practical real life football-related projects

What you will learn in Learn beginner Python using football/soccer-only projects Course :

  • Get introduced to all fundamental Python concepts in a practical way
  • Master the basics of Python by doing real-life football (soccer) related projects
  • See Python concepts at work through relatable sports-focused examples
  • Acquire the pre-requisite Python skills to move on to Machine Learning, Data Science, Sports analysis etc..
  • Learn to program through engaging subject matter and work through scenarios that you can picture in real life – while having fun

Course details :

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor: Ahmad Lala
language : English
Training level: introductory to advanced
Number of courses: 29
Training duration: 3 hours 35 minutes

Learn beginner Python using football/soccer-only projects Course Content:

Learn beginner Python using football/soccer-only projects Content

Requirements :

  • No prior programming knowledge needed: this course will cover all the basics
  • An interest in football

Pictures :

Learn beginner Python using football/soccer-only projects

Simple Video :

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