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windPRO is an advanced and standard software suite for designing, simulating and planning wind farms published by emd-international software company. This large and medium software is acceptable and small and small startup companies can use its many capabilities equally. This software and other related tools are related to a standard. Numerous capabilities of this software can be used in tasks such as analysis of wind and atmospheric information, calculation of energy efficiency estimates, quantification of probabilities, evaluation of competence and overall efficiency of different regions and their comparison, calculation and illustration of environmental impacts, etc. To be placed. Use placement.

This software can be used for construction, management and management of wind farms and various engineering teams. The capabilities of different software are presented in a completely modular way and the user can customize the software environment and operational potentials to the modules required by the project. According to the information published by the software development company, more than 2500 company licenses have been issued for companies and government and active institutions in more than 100 different countries, which is a staggering statistic.

windPRO Features:

  • Provide various software capabilities in a completely modular manner
  • Analysis and analysis of wind and atmospheric data
  • Mapping of different wind sources
  • Micro-siting
  • Evaluate the competence and overall efficiency of different regions and compare them
  • Estimate the amount of energy produced in different time periods
  • Layout optimization and positioning of various components and turbines
  • Calculation and illustration of environmental impacts
  • Perform various electrical and economic calculations
  • Wind modeling and estimating the best configuration for different turbines

windPRO Modules:

  • Energy
    • METEO
    • MODEL
    • PARK
    • MCP
    • SOLAR PV
    • HYBRID
  • Operation
    • TR10 – Quality factor
  • Loads
  • Environment
    • SHADOW
    • ZVI
    • IMPACT
    • NORD2000
  • Visualization
  • Electrical
    • eGRID
  • Economy

System Requirement 

The optimal hardware configuration varies depending on what you will be using windPRO for. Below are some general pointers.


A multi core CPU running at 2 GHz or more on each core is recommended. Although not all windPRO calculations utilize multiple cores, Windows does and such you may experience greater overall performance, since one core can be used for windPRO and the remaining core(s) for Windows.


For general purpose use of windPRO most on-board graphics adaptors should perform satisfactorily, but for intensive use of graphical features like Photomontage or Sketchup-Integration we recommend using a dedicated high performance graphics adaptor.

Memory / Operating Systems:

Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7. Min. RAM 4GB
Note: Since windPRO 3.2 the Systems Windows XP, Vista and Windows Server 2003 are not supported anymore.

For more information, please read this page from official Website.


windPRO screenshot


All modules and tools is activated; Online Data need account cloud and not available.

Requirement of run WAsP Resource Calculation tool is WAsP that available in here.

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