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Pre-Algebra Explained is a pre-algebra training course published by Udemy Academy. This course is one of the simplest and most basic courses in the field of mathematics and algebra, which can prepare students for high school mathematics and its various topics such as geometry, algebra and trigonometry. This course includes a series of chapter tutorials and quizzes and purposeful exercises, and watching videos will not be of any use without taking exams and solving exercises. All advanced topics in geometry, trigonometry, arithmetic, algebra, differential, etc. are based on the topics mentioned in this course, and deep learning of the topics in this course will have a significant impact on your academic future, both at school and at university.

At the beginning of this training course, very simple and basic topics such as 4 mathematical operations, integers, fractions, decimal number system (decimal), decimal numbers, calculation of mean, median and mode (view), conversion of numbers in different units of measurement and … will be expressed.

What you will learn in Pre-Algebra Explained

  • Place Value
  • Expanded Form
  • Inequalities and the number axis
  • Rounding integers
  • Collective properties
  • Add and count on axis numbers
  • Vertical Axis
  • Subtraction and subtraction operations on the number axis
  • Multiplication properties
  • Properties of division
  • Long split
  • Power (Exponents)
  • Arrange and prioritize various mathematical operations
  • Absolute Value
  • Add and add integers
  • Subtraction and subtraction of integers
  • Power with negative base
  • Sequence of operations in integer calculations
  • Divisibility Rules
  • Factoring integers
  • Mixed Numbers
  • Improper Fractions
  • Find the largest common divisor
  • Simplify fractions
  • Multiply and divide fractions
  • Find the smallest common multiple
  • Comparison of fractions
  • Ratios
  • Rates
  • Analogy and symmetry
  • Complex and complex fractions
  • Decimal fractions
  • Compare and round decimal numbers
  • Percentage
  • Measuring average, median and mode
  • Different units of measurement in the US and other countries

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: John Greene
Language: English
Level: Beginner
Number of Lessons: 96
Duration: 17 hours and 2 minutes

Course topics

Pre-Algebra Explained Content

Pre-Algebra Explained Prerequisites

Basic Arithmetic: Basic understanding of counting and numbers


Pre-Algebra Explained

Pre-Algebra Explained Sample Video

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