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Testing React with Jest and React Testing Library (RTL) is the name of the React application testing training course with Jest and React Testing Library (RTL), which is expected by Udemy Academy. The React Testing Library has become a very popular choice for testing applications written with React, and for good reason! This comprehensive and detailed course provides a basic foundation for testing React applications. The React Testing Library has a well-known opinion on testing best practices and is written to use these best practices. This course teaches:
  • testing behavior over testing implementation
  • tests that interact with your app the way a user would
  • finding elements by accessibility handles, to make sure your code is accessible as possible
These tutorials start with very simple examples (clicking a button to change its color) and then move on to more complex experimental concepts, such as:
  • testing asynchronous page changes
  • simulating data from a server using Mock Service Worker
  • applying a context provider to a component when rendering

The course builds up to complex concepts gradually, in a way designed to support your learning and ensure your success.You also have many opportunities to practice what you have learned. In this course, as you build course projects, you do “code quizzes” where you present what you’ve learned and then watch a video to see the solution. The final part (optional) offers even more exercises to complete the second program and reinforce the course. Optional React lectures: Any significant React code covered in this course is covered in lectures. Students have a choice: those who want to brush up on their React skills (or learn new skills!) can watch those lectures, while students who are confident in their React skills can skip them.

Who is this course suitable for?

  • React coders who want to learn how to write functional tests for their apps
  • React application engineers who want confidence that writing code doesn’t break existing behavior (tests, for the win!)

What you will learn in Testing React with Jest and React Testing Library (RTL) Course :

  • Testing simple and complex React applications with React Testing Library
  • React Testing best Practices: how to test behavior instead of implementation
  • Making the most of Jest watch mode, including running only one file or test at a time
  • Common errors returned by Testing Library and how to correct them

Course details :

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Bonnie Schulkin
  • language : English
  • Training level: introductory to advanced
  • Number of courses: 95
  • Training duration: 7 hours 49 minute

Testing React with Jest and React Testing Library (RTL) Course Content :

Testing React with Jest and React Testing Library (RTL) Content

Requirements :

  • Experience with JavaScript
  • Basic experience with React
  • Familiarity with React hooks and context (these are explained briefly in optional React portions of the course; however previous experience would be helpful)

Pictures :

Testing React with Jest and React Testing Library (RTL)

Simple Video :

Installation guide :

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