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JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS The JavaScript course is from the Frontend Masters Academy, which teaches functional programming by providing a series of practical examples. This course is useful for beginner and intermediate programmers and offers very important techniques in the field of functional programming and modern website development. Functional programming is a style or technique of software development that can be implemented in different programming languages. This technique has many valuable benefits for the optimal development of various websites and software, and its implementation in JavaScript is slightly different from other programming languages.

To implement this coding approach in JavaScript programs, you must be familiar with the basic concepts and specific features of JavaScript, such as Functional programming, Closure, and Scope. Learning functional programming techniques has a great impact on your future career and can be very effective in the process of learning various JavaScript frameworks such as React, Angular and Vue. Among the most important educational topics of this course are working with reduce, map and filter methods in different functions, promise, asynchronous or asymmetric programming, etc.

What you will learn in JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS

  • Functional programming
  • Work with different methods in JavaScript
  • Fully acquainted with the changes made in JavaScript ES6 and newer versions
  • Different methods of using the Loop function and its application in software development
  • ForEach function
  • Map () function
  • Filter function ()
  • In-depth understanding of closures and scope in JavaScript

Course specifications

Publisher: Frontend Masters
Instructors: Bianca Gandolfo
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Number of Lessons: 74
Duration: 8 hours and 11 minutes

Course topics

JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS

Course Introduction
Success Tips for Learning
Functional Programming


Property Access
Bracket Notation
Non-Valid Characters
Game Characters Challenge
Game Characters Challenge
Object Review
ES6 Destructuring
Destructuring Challenge
Destructuring Solution
Destructuring Examples

List Transformations

List Transformations
Looping Exercise
Looping Solution
Looping Exercise, Part 2
Looping Solution, Part 2
Looping Exercise, Part 3
Looping Solution, Part 3

.forEach() Function

Using Functions
forEach Function
forEach and _.each Exercises
forEach and _.each Solution

.map() Function vs .map() Functions Exercise Solution
_map() vs. _each() Exercise, Part 2 Solution, Part 2

.filter() Function

.filter() Exercise
.filter() Solution
.filter() Application Exercise
.filter() Application Solution

Functions In-Depth

Anatomy of a Function
Function Scavenger Exercise
Function Scavenger Solution
ES6 Arrow Functions
Projecting Exercise
Projecting Solution
Spread Operator
Arguments Keyword
Default Parameters
ES5 Rewrite Exercise
ES5 Rewrite Solution
Array-Like Object
_.from() Exercise
_.from() Solution


Scope Walkthrough Setup
Scope Walkthrough, Part 1
Scope Walkthrough, Part 2
Scope Walkthrough, Part 3
Scope Takeaways


Higher-Order Functions & Callbacks
Passing Arguments
Translate into ES6 Exercise
Translate into ES6 Solution
Passing Arguments, Part 2
_.reduce() Exercise
_.reduce() Solution
Empty Room Exercise
Empty Room Solution

Functional Utilities


Advanced Scope: Closure

Closure, Part 2
Creating Closure
Closure Demonstration
Closure Recipe
Currying and Composing Exercises
Currying and Composing Solutions

Wrapping Up “JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS”

Wrapping Up


JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS

JavaScript: From Fundamentals to Functional JS introduction video

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