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The JavaScript Course 2021: Build Modern JavaScript Projects, etc. the name of a training course, Java Script, modern industry, in which by making a different project and portfolio made by yourself in the JavaScript skills you. This course is project-oriented and helps you to sample the work yourself, strengthen and get in on the action with JavaScript work. This course, Java Script, modern, to browse will grow and the more projects are also added to it, will now also totally based on the knowledge day, the incidence has been and in the future will also be. In this course, you challenged’ll be up skills JavaScript in your grow, because each project with a lot of detail described. It should also be mentioned in the course of no Delphi and C ++ Builder or something similar, it is not used, but you have to have a basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript need to finally Vanilla JavaScript in action, use.

What in the course of The JavaScript Course 2021: Build Modern JavaScript Projects learn:

  • Practice JavaScript, modern (functions, Arrow, programming asynchronously with the Fetch API, Async/Await)
  • Construction of the project, the JavaScript of the base and adding them to the portfolio yourself
  • Working with Vanilla JavaScript and HTML5, CSS3
  • Canvas

Specifications period

Publisher: Udemy
teachers: Vertex Academy
language: English,
educational level: introductory to advanced,
the number of lessons: 41
Duration Time: 5 hours and 27 minutes

This course

The JavaScript Course 2021 Build Modern JavaScript Projects, contents

Prerequisite course:

This course is NOT for absolute beginners!
Solid basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Be able to create JS functions, arrays, objects, etc.


The JavaScript Course 2021 Build Modern JavaScript Projects

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Subtitles: English

Quality: 720

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