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Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 – Hash Maps) the third part of a training set and published by the site, Udemy is the programming language Python to fully trains. The series is presented in 4 sections and brings together advanced topics for Professional Python programmers. Python is a high-level language with abundant learning capabilities that require a lot of practice and study. This course focuses entirely on your Python language and questions that may arise for you while coding. This is set at the level of intermediate to advanced provided and need acquaintance basic Python language contains variables, etc., if and else, etc. list and dictionary simple, define functions, etc. to import standard modules define the elementary class .

In the third part of the course, dictionaries and collections are discussed and relational data structures are taught. In this section, in-depth look at arrays, hybrid, and how to implement them with maps, hash, etc. functions hash and take advantage of them in order to build classes, personal dictionary for the specified goals, such as OrderedDict and its relationship with the dictionary, interior, Python, etc. implement sets in multiple Python and series out the dictionary by converting to JSON and vice versa is also slight an acquaintance with libraries such as JSONSchema, and the Marshmallow will be provided . The fourth part of the series also teaches more advanced topics and tips . It should be noted that mastering some topics of the first and second part of the series is required for this course.

Cases in which the course is taught:

Linked arrays
Tables and hash functions
Dictionaries and sets
Build custom dictionaries with userdict class
Equivalence python3. 6+ and OrderedDict
Meet jsonSchema, Marshmallow, Pyyaml and Serpy libraries
Chainmap training
And …

The characteristics of Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 – Hash Maps) :

Language: English
Duration: 20h 22m
Number of lessons: 79 lessons in 10 sections
Education Level : intermediate
Lecturer : Fred Baptiste
File format: mp4

The headlines course :

Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 - Hash Maps)

Prerequisite course

  • This is an advanced course, so a solid Python foundation is necessary
  • Jupyter Notebooks
  • functional programming (zip, map, sorted, any, all, etc)
  • lambdas, closures and decorators
  • built-in decorators such as @lru_cache, @singledispatch and @wraps
  • iterables, iterators, generators and context managers
  • variable scopes and namespaces (globals, locals, etc)
  • ability to install 3rd party libraries (e.g. pip install)


Python 3: Deep Dive (Part 3 - Hash Maps)

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