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React and Typescript: Build a Portfolio Project , the period of comprehensive training and project-oriented construction of web applications, complex, and massive use framework React and language Typescript Is . This period, meaning the real word, project-based, and is precisely designed for people who framework React are familiar, but the experience of its use in the construction of web applications, the real him . Many of the training courses, React, etc. to teach the basics of it have been and why, a lot of people that this framework are familiar, skills, use knowledge, do not have their own . This course presented the project of making the app perfect for. massive and attractive, try to fix these flaws are . Part of this course as well as a quick introduction and, of course, comprehensive language, the Typescript is dedicated to … thus, if the language you aren’t familiar with. problems in the process of Education, ago will never come .

During this period, the libraries, React, etc., Redux, and language Typescript fluent you will be . The project applied and professional this course, building an interactive environment, edit and run code is a browser-based; or something similar, Jupyter Notebook, but for the language, JavaScript, and of course, along with new features . During this project, with a variety of issues and challenges faced, and then, several solutions for each one learned, and step by step they apply to you . For example, the implementation of safe code, the input of users in such applications, such a challenge is that in the course, how to implement it ( just like the website, such as the CodeSandBox, or CodePen ) to learn with tips varying in conjunction with the speed and security of the web application will be familiar . Trick UI design, testing, manual web application and publish on NPM from the other topics of this course are .

What are the things you learn :

  • Build and complete the project with React and Typescript ( for sample )
  • Integrate React, etc., Redux, and Typescript with each other
  • Simplify the process of update with the library, the famous English
  • Dating step by step with the process of design, and aggregate projects advanced
  • Project management using architecture-based package
  • Auto-storage the process of publishing with Lernin CLI
  • The use of Web Assembly to increase and improve application performance
  • The use of the edit pointer VSCode in the browser
  • And …

This tutorial suits people who :

  • مهندسانی who are looking to develop a sample project of your resume are

Specifications React and Typescript: Build a Portfolio Project :

  • Publisher : Udemy
  • Instructor : Stephen Grider
  • Language : English
  • Level of training : from beginners to advanced
  • Number of courses : 387 (is correct)
  • Duration Time : 29 hours and 16 minutes

Head seasons period in the history of 2021/2

React and Typescript: Build a Portfolio Project


  • Basic knowledge of React and Redux
  • No prior knowledge of Typescript required – an introduction is provided


React and Typescript Build a Portfolio Project

Sample movie

Installation guide

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Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p


Version 2021/1 compared to 2020/12 number 83 classroom and about 6 hours of rising time.

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