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Build Python Django Real Project: Django Web Development, using this period you can project, the Django real build and develop. With the development of the website using Django, you’ll learn that a real project, what the requirements are, as well as with the completion of this course, you learn the basic of Django from the elementary level up to the average learn.

This course is completely project-oriented, and in this course you will Program under the title “Car Zone – A Used Car Selling Business Website,” from the base form. A scenario that is behind this project is that a car dealer wants a list of his cars on the site to dramatize the users refer to the site to the newest cars to see, and their car based on model or price search and classification work.

Course features

  • Real projects, with attention to the needs of users, create bring.
  • To apply the templates of HTML/Bootstrap and personalization panel, the admin Django
  • Database PostgreSQL, and use it on the website of the products
  • Install virtual environment
  • Build apps Django
  • Git
  • Files, static Django, and multi-media
  • Personal storage admin Django
  • Template, model, and transfer the database
  • Use editor, RichText and fields multiple choice in the Backend admin
  • Objects the database response trader
  • Pagination
  • Authentication users
  • Login using Facebook and Google
  • Send email
  • Version of mapping from database and loaded the data (locally and remotely)
  • Create the domain name of the desired

Profile Course Build Python Django Real Project: Django Web Development:

Language: English
Duration Time: 10h 1m
Number of courses: 79
Training level: introductory to advanced
Instructor: Rathan Kumar
File format: mp4

Course content:

Build Python Django Real Project Django Web Development-contents

Prerequisite courses:

Basic HTML
Basic understanding of how Django works.

Images period

Build Python Django Real Project, Django Web Development

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Installation guide

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Subtitles: English

Quality: 720

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