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UIDev – TypeScript is a TypeScript training course. All courses in this series are prepared using an optimized structure for knowledge, not just an illusion of learning.

What you will learn in the UIDev – TypeScript course:

  • Learn the basics of TypeScript
  • Project-based TypeScript learning

Course specifications

Publisher: UIDev
Language: English
Education Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 76
Duration: 6 hours and 28 minutes

Course topics:


Introduction, Philosophy, and Tips

TypeScript Overview

Why TypeScript?

Typing in JavaScript

JavaScript Types

Getting TypeScript Configured

Basic TypeScript Configuration

Basic Type Checking

Implicit Type Checking
Adding Type Annotations
Typing Function Declarations
(Practice) Type Annotations
(Solution) Type Annotations

Special TypeScript Types

`any` and` unknown` types
(Practice) Interfaces
(Solution) Interfaces
Enum and Tuple Types
Void and Never
Types` type` aliases
Union Types
Intersection Types
Literal Types
(Practice) Union & Literal Types
(Solution) Union & Literal Types
( Project) Starting Template
(Project) Adding Initial Types
(Project) Cell Event Handler
(Project) Win Condition


Class Definition
(Practice) Classes
(Solution) Classes

Advanced TypeScript Types

TypeScript Operators
(Bonus) Advanced Function Typing

Type Narrowing

Common Type Guards
Handling null and undefined
(Practice) Narrowing Types
(Solution) Narrowing Types
(Bonus) Structural vs Nominal Typing
Discriminating Unions
(Practice) Discriminating Unions
(Solution) Discriminating Unions
Assertion Signatures
User Defined Type Guards
(Practice) User Defined Type Guards
( Solution) User Defined Type Guards


(Bonus) Zustand Implementation
(Practice) Generics
(Solution) Generics
(Bonus) Thinking In Types
Mapped Types
Conditional Types
(Practice) Utility Types
(Solution) Utility Types


(Bonus) ES Modules In Depth
Modules in TypeScript
(Bonus) TypeScript Namespaces

Declaration Files

Built-In Type Definitions
(Bonus) Outputting TypeScript Definitions
Definitely Typed and @ types / packages

Advanced TypeScript Configuration

Additional TSConfig.json options
(Bonus) How the `target` field works
Module Resolution
(Bonus) Configuring for Webpack Development
(Bonus) Configuring for Babel Development
(Bonus) Configuring for Modern Web Development
(Bonus) Configuring for Node Development
(Bonus) Configuring for Library Development with TSDX

Advanced Transformation Types

Recursive Conditional Types
Template Literal Types
Mapped Types Key Remapping

Extra Topics

Unexpected TypeScript Behavior (
(Bonus) Experimental Decorators

Project: Web Server

(Project) Initial NodeJS Setup
(Project) Static Web Server
(Project) Multiple Routes
(Project) Dynamic API Route

Prerequisites course:

A fundamental understanding of JavaScript or familiarity with another programming language. For example, you should be comfortable with functions, arguments, loops, control flow, etc. If you want to jump straight in to the React courses, we recommend having a stronger knowledge of JavaScript, which you can get from our JavaScript courses if you’re unsure.


UIDev - TypeScript

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