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The Creative HTML5 & CSS3 Course, name of a training course creative HTML5 and CSS3 for all the people who are learning web development interested in are is. If you have time in the development of the web, completely are a beginner, don’t worry, we all work arrangements to promote you and build the first website creatively in your cover we. If some skills web development, ahead of this business, you’ve still not to worry, we have 3 project puzzled by the design and animation wonderful to make during the course we will build.

What in the course of The Creative HTML5 & CSS3 Course you’ll learn:

  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • Responsive design
  • Animation upload
  • Work with images and SVG
  • Flexbox
  • CSS Grid
  • SASS
  • Optimization
  • Access pussies
  • Deployment

Specifications volume :

Publisher: DevelopedByEd
instructor: Dev Ed
language: English,
educational level: introductory to advanced,
the number of lessons: 70
Time: 13 hours and 2 minutes

This course:

Welcome To The Course! (0:56)

HTML5 Basics,
Setting Up VS Code (1:43)
Installing Extensions (2:46)
Creating a HTML Tag (4:15)
Basic Layout (4:23)
Meta Tags (12:58)
h and p Tags (7:00)
Images and Video (7:10)
a Tags (5:12)
Forms (16:48)
Lists (4:04)
Comments (2:25)
Tables (3:13)
Classes and ID’s (5:32)
HTML5 Semantics (16:00)
HTML5 Entities (3:17)

CSS3 Basics,
let’s Learn CSS (0:27)
How To Use CSS3 (3:56)
Basic Syntax (5:19)
Selectors (15:30)
Specificity (7:41)
Padding and Margin (8:04)
Box Model (8:32)
Pixels, rem, em (13:36)
Styling a Button (7:02)
Display Types (7:22)
Positions (17:47)
Pseudo Elements and Classes (5:55)
Mini Project – How to not create layouts (optional) (33:51)

Mobile Responsiveness
Media Queries (10:26)
VH and VW (12:11)

Flexbox Basics (27:03)
Let’s Practice Flexbox (28:38)

Project 1 – Travel Website
Quick Notice about paths
Before We Our Projects (1:21)
Setting Things Up (12:55)
Creating Our Nav&Hero (38:21)
, Creating the City Section (42:43)
Card Section (20:06)
Form Section (14:44)
Submitting Forms (5:31)
Travelly Final Code

Semantics (3:30)
Contrast (4:15)
Keyboard (4:14)
Text (4:56)
Labels and Alt (6:18)

CSS Grid
CSS Grid Basics (19:30)
, CSS Grid vs Flexbox (6:22)

Project 2 – Photography Website
Starter Files
Setup (14:36)
Adding Fonts (2:27)
First Page (28:41)
Plant Animation (10:38)
Burger Animation (22:42)
Fixing Small Issues (3:18)
About Section (17:47)
Image Gallery (17:34)
Contact Page (26:17)
Javascript Functionality (15:45)
Elena Joy Final Code

Basics of SASS
Basics of SASS (24:23)
Let’s Learn a Magic Trick (1:23)

Final Project – Portfolio
Starter Files
Portfolio Setup (12:01)
Getting SVGs, and Icons (9:01)
Creating the Nav and Section (21:25)
Animating SVGs (8:37)
Mobile Friendly (11:43)
Project Page (11:31)
Finish Line (14:28)
Portofolio Final Code

Optimizing, and Deploying
Optimizing Images (4:11)
Optimizing HTML and CSS (1:53)
Deployment (4:44)
, The End (0:47)

Prerequisite course:

This course is designed to start you absolutely from scratch! If you already have some HTML5 and CSS3 skills, this course will go deeper into explaining all the important concepts, and also building out these cool projects!


The Creative HTML5 & CSS3 Course

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