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Testing JavaScript with Kent C Dodds is the name of a JavaScript testing course, but why bother doing these tests? These tests are performed to fix bugs, which will cause various problems, including financial losses.

What you will learn in Testing JavaScript with Kent C Dodds:

  • Familiarity with the basics of testing frameworks and proving the function of libraries by making a copy of each for our work
  • Imitate your JavaScript modules when testing with multiple libraries
  • Write automated and comprehensive tests for our codebase to ensure that such problems do not occur
  • Familiarity with the DOM Testing Library using 11 different frameworks from React to Svelte
  • Optimize Jest configuration to make real-world tests real
  • Write a number of rendering methods and run a variety of tests
  • Install, configure and script Cypress to test modern JavaScript web applications
  • Test Node.js Backends

Course specifications

Publisher: C. Dodds
Instructors: C. Dodds
Language: English
Level: Advanced to Advanced
Number of Courses: 166
Duration: 8 hours and 44 minutes

Course topics:

Fundamentals of Testing in JavaScript

JavaScript Mocking Fundamentals

Static Analysis Testing JavaScript Applications

Use DOM Testing Library to test any JS framework

Configure Jest for Testing JavaScript Applications

Test React Components with Jest and React Testing Library

Install, Configure, and Script Cypress for JavaScript Web Applications

Test Node.js Backends

Prerequisites course:


Testing JavaScript with Kent C. Dodds

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