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Django with React | An Ecommerce Website, name of a training course, build platform ecommerce from the base to the help of React, Redux, Django and Postgres industry. A platform made feature several industry like: shopping cart with full features, etc., rating, rate, and review the product. carousel for featured products, etc. the features of the search product, user profiles along with product request “page of the admin product admin” page of the Manage Users admin ” page of the description, Order, admin, etc. mark the order as delivered., the checkout process (loading, the methods of payment, etc.), and the integrity of the payment type (PayPal / credit card). The course is purely information provider is not you way in the course involved, you are at the end of the course, a real project to be able to use and share in a portfolio of your own. In this course, skills are learn, including: React, and the fundamental concepts, etc. React router, the library user interface, React-Bootstrap, managing the situation with the help of Redux and …

What period Django with React | An Ecommerce Website, Learn:

  • Build a website ecommerce with the use of Django and React
  • Cart with full facilities with payment PayPal and credit/debit
  • System rating this product product review
  • A project from the real world are made in a linear and progressive
  • Area special the admin to manage customer data. products and requests
  • Search product, carousel, etc., pagination, and …

Specifications period in

Publisher: Udemy
teachers: Dennis Ivy and Brad Traversy
language: English,
educational level: introductory to advanced,
the number of lessons: 84
time: 18 hours 4 minutes

This course Django with React | An Ecommerce Website 2021-2:

Django with React An Ecommerce Website contents

Prerequisite course:

Basic understanding of Django and React
Basic HTML & CSS Skills
Basic JavaScript Knowlege


Django with React An Ecommerce Website

Sample movie

Installation guide

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Subtitles: English

Quality: 720

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