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Laravel 8, Beginner to Advance, with Complete News Portal a period basis for learning Laravel 8 is. Laravel is a framework, open source PHP, which is very strong and comfortable to figure out. The framework of a design pattern model-view-controller, as follows also from the components framework multiple, etc. re-use that in making a web app helps. Learning Laravel is easy and web apps written with it are faster.

Course features Laravel 8, Beginner to Advance, with Complete News Portal:

  • The construction of project Port news, complete with Laravel 8
  • Choose a different language
  • Basics of Laravel 8
  • Laravel 8 Multi Auth with the use of Jetstream Fortify
  • Add professional themes for Frontend and Backend
  • User role management
  • System uploading images
  • The function of the CRUD multiple
  • Select the Website Settings
  • Management news advertising
  • Gallery images and videos promotional
  • Set the widget advertising
  • Pagination customization in Laravel
  • How to extend the project in cPanel
  • Check the authenticity of the email in Laravel
  • Forgetting password and restore password
  • Update user profile
  • SEO website
  • Uploading multiple image
  • Confirm the identity of Laravel 8

Profile courses:

Language: English
Time: 42h 22m
Number of lectures: 191
Training level: introductory
Instructor: Kazi Ariyan and easy Learning
File format: mp4

The headlines course:

Laravel 8, Beginner to Advance, with Complete News Portal_contents

Prerequisite courses:

You have to know basic PHP
OOP (Basic)
Local Server : Xampp/Wampp/Vertrigo/Mamp
Text Editor/IDE: Sublime Text, Visual Studio, Code, Netbeans, PHPStrom, Atom, etc

Images period

Laravel 8, Beginner to Advance, with Complete News Portal

Sample movie

Installation guide

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Subtitles: English

Quality: 720

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