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Java Web Services Part 2, the second course of the two-part video training series in the field of programming in the language of Java. In this tutorial you will learn how to design, create and secure soap and REST Web Services properly , get acquainted with cryptographic concepts and learn about WS Security . In this educational complex, all the concepts have been started from the introductory level and you can easily and with the least background and information of this educational complex to take advantage. Also, all the tutorials in this collection are expressed in a simple way and you will easily learn the best methods available.

In the second course of this series you will simply learn the development of the soap service. You will learn everything you need to know about WS Security. You will also be familiar with the concept of cryptography and decryption. In fact, you will learn the concepts of web services by viewing the second course and implementing them step by step in this training complex. In this section, you will have 108 students attending the training session. The first part of the series is also dedicated to more introductory topics .

Course specification:

  • Publisher: Udemy
  • Instructor: Bharath Thippireddy
  • Level: intermediate
  • Duration: 04:17:16
  • Number of courses: 108 lessons
  • Language: English with English and Spanish subtitles

Java Web Services Part 2 headlines:

Start Here

3 Lectures


SOAP Web Service Creation

9 Lectures


SOAP Web Service Client Creation

4 Lectures


SOAP WS Standards Concepts

3 Lectures


WS Security – Authentication

11 Lectures


Encryption and Decryption Concepts

4 Lectures


WS Security – Confidentiality (Encryption / Decryption)

16 Lectures


WS Security – Integrity (Signatures)

6 Lectures


WS Security – Non Repudiation (Timestamp)

4 Lectures


Securing parts of the message

5 Lectures


Implement OAuth 2 Security for REST Using Spring Boot

6 Lectures


Create the Spring Boot REST Application

4 Lectures


Loading users and roles

5 Lectures


Create the Authorization Server and Resource Server

12 Lectures


Test the application

5 Lectures


Swagger Quick Start

10 Lectures


Wrap Up

1 Lecture



Complete my Java Web Services Course on UDemy

Or Should Have Apache CXF and SOAP and REST Web Services Knowledge


Java Web Services Part 2

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The first part of the series is available here .

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