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Frontend Masters – Svelte is the name of a Svelte training course. Svelte is a framework with which you can build high-performance web applications. This course is a sufficient introduction to this framework.

What you will learn in the Frontend Masters – Svelte course:

  • Understand an overview of Svelte
  • Binding and durability cycle in Svelte
  • Animation and Stores
  • Classes and components
  • Project-oriented training by building a program
  • Project-oriented training by building a game
  • Learn Sapper

Course specifications

Publisher: FrontendMasters
Instructor: Rich Harris
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Courses: 44
Duration: 4 hours and 47 minutes

Course topics:



Svelte Overview

why svelte
svelte basics
data reactivity
if else blocks
each keyed each blocks
asynchronous await blocks

Binding & Lifecycle

input template binding
media dimension binding
this component binding
onmount ondestroy lifecycle
beforeupdate afterupdate tick

Stores & Animation

stores derived state
custom stores store bindings
adding motion with easing spring
custom transitions events
local deferred transitions
animations actions

Classes & Components

classes directive
composing components with slots
context api
special elements
modules context for sharing code
creating a svelte app from scratch

Building an Application

building an application frame
creating the welcome screen
creating categories navigation
fetching api data

Building the Game

creating the game screen
game layout buttons
wiring up interactivity
game activity display
game completion state
displaying game data
polishing ui adding transitions
adding meta
making an installable pwa


server rendering in sapper

Wrapping Up

wrapping up

Prerequisites course:


Frontend Masters Svelte

Sample film

Installation guide

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English subtitle

Quality: 1080p

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