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Computer Vision Bootcamp™ with Python (OpenCV) – YOLO, SSD , the period of training, insight, and computer image processing using the Python language, library OpenCV and methods such as Viola-Jones, R-CNNs, and so on . Nowadays, image processing, and in particular face recognition and object ( which is the focus of this course also is ) of the most watched threads of technology are considered, because from this algorithms can be used in several fields, from software engineering to research a criminal use for him. for example, detection methods and advanced in the machine, your hip to the severity of the insight computer is dependent on, and one of the most common application of it is considered . With the advent of deep learning and GPUs in the past decade, even the instantaneous implementation of these algorithms on live video has been provided .

The theoretical training of facial recognition algorithms and objects and then implements them on various issues . First, theory, insight, computer, filter, and kernel upload ( blur, etc., sharpen, and edge detection ) to learn; can then, with the algorithm of Canny and transform Hough to detect the program in your machine thigh, etc., face detection in images and video, with the algorithm Viola-Jones approach and sliding window will be familiar . In the next section, you will learn the hog algorithm as a better alternative to Viola-Jones, recognition of gradients, making histograms and using the SvM machine learning algorithm . Methods based on networks, torsional nerve ( CNNs ) consist of C-RNNs and the approach, the faster it, the algorithm detects object, YOLO, etc. IOU., the SSD and architecture VGG16 and MobileNet, also from other topics of the course are .

What things to learn

Gain a proper understanding of the strongest computer Insight models
Mastering the OpenCV library
Understanding and implementing Viola-Jones, HOG and YOLO algorithms
Dominate CNN-related approaches and implement them
Familiarity with SDD algorithm
Full mastery of face and object recognition

This training suits people who

People who are interested in machine learning ( artificial intelligence ) and computer insight .

Profile Computer Vision Bootcamp™ with Python (OpenCV) – YOLO, SSD

Publisher: Udemy
Lecturer: Holczer Balazs
Language: English
Training level: from preliminary to advanced
Number of lessons: 106 lessons in 19 sections
Duration: 9h 46m

Head seasons

Computer Vision Bootcamp with Python OpenCV YOLO SSD


  • Basic Python programming skills


Computer Vision Bootcamp with Python OpenCV YOLO SSD

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