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500+ American Slang | Spoken English Vocabulary Course is an English speaking skills training course in which you will learn slang English to communicate with people. In this course you will learn 500 English slang terms, which are needed to understand real conversations. Instructor Warning: Note that since this course is informal and slang for teaching English, it sometimes contains words that are not suitable for children to learn. This course is suitable for people who want to speak English fluently, want to learn advanced vocabulary, understand slang English and do not want to be confused in English conversations.

What in the 500+ American Slang | You will learn Spoken English Vocabulary Course:

  • Fluency in English conversations
  • Use and comprehension of English speaking at a native level (C2)
  • You will never be confused while watching TV, reading or talking to the natives
  • Learn advanced vocabulary level

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: For Your English
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 77
Duration: 7 hours and 53 minutes

Course topics:

500 American Slang Spoken English Vocabulary Course Contents

Prerequisites course:

Not recommended for complete beginners
Some adult expressions & slang may not be suitable for young children


500 American Slang Spoken English Vocabulary Course

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