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GRE 44 Hours Math Prep | Target GRE 330 is a GRE problem-solving training course that covers basic to advanced level prerequisite topics. Even the most motivated and intelligent students will progress better and faster under the tutelage of someone who knows the best way to learn. This course is suitable for learning basic math topics, with this course you will study for the GRE test every day, you will progress and you will be added to your information repository to use it on the day of the GRE test. With this course, instead of spending hours just solving problems, first focus on building a solid foundation for your work.

What in the GRE 44 Hours Math Prep | You will learn Target GRE 330

  • Solve 531 problems with depth coverage of inequalities, absolute value, percentage, mean and mixing rule, data, speed and time, work and ratio
  • Methods to help you score above 330 on the GRE test.
  • Tests to assess your learning
  • Learn math for the GRE in an exciting new way; At the end of this course you will be able to look at the questions from a new perspective
  • Everyone will fall in love with mathematics after completing this course carefully.

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Jackson Kailath
Language: English
Level: Advanced to Advanced
Number of Courses: 598
Duration: 44 hours and 12 minutes

GRE44 Hours Math Prep Target GRE330 2021-3:

GRE 44 Hours Math Prep Target GRE 330 Contents

Prerequisites course:

Basic Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication and Division
No other Requirements


GRE 44 Hours Math Prep Target GRE 330

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