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Algorithms, Part I, is the Prime course of the 2-Part training series and familiarity with the algorithms and data structures provided by Princeton University . It covers essential information about algorithms and data structures that every programmer should know . Elite focuses more on the application of these algorithms and scientific analysis of their implementation performance in Java . The first part of the course covers the preliminary structures of data and sorting and search algorithms . During this period, beginning with the data structure of collections of distinct ( Union-Find ), and implement different it’s like find and has quick and weight and apply this kind of data on the issue of ooze from physical chemistry will be familiar.

Then, the analysis algorithms in a manner quite scientific means of measuring the time of run, the development of assumption about performance, build a mathematical model to explain the behavior of the algorithm, and finally, measuring the memory used by the Java program to learn . In the next sections, the structure of Stack and queues and implement them with the link list and array, and a familiarity with two advanced features of Java, namely generics and iterators, etc. algorithms sorting Insertion And Loose, combined, and different versions of it. selective and Quicksort have been covered . The queue, priority, and implementation with a binary heap and sorting with heapsort., the dictionary and implement with the array sorted ( Binary Search ), and list with no order ( search order ) to accompany the application, and it is the tree, the search of balanced application of its geometric and hash tables of the other topics of the course are.

What skills that earn you :

Structure (building ) data
Programming with Java

Specifications of Algorithms, Part I :

Publisher: Coursera
Lecturer: Kevin Wayne, Robert Sedgewick
Language: English
Training level: Medium
Number: 13 lessons in 6 sections
Duration of course: approximately 53 hours


Week 1

  1. Course Introduction – 10m
  2. Union−Find – 9h
  3. Analysis of Algorithms – 1h

Week 2

  1. Stacks and Queues – 9h
  2. Elementary Sorts – 1h

Week 3

  1. Mergesort – 9h
  2. Quicksort – 1h

Week 4

  1. Priority Queues – 9h
  2. Elementary Symbol Tables – 2h

Week 5

  1. Balanced Search Trees – 2h
  2. Geometric Applications of BSTs – 9h

Week 6

  1. Hash Tables – 1h
  2. Symbol Table Applications – 26m



Algorithms Part I

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