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Ultimate Courses – JavaScript Basics is a JavaScript fundamentals course published by Ultimate Courses. This course will show you the deepest JavaScript language secrets. Using modern development techniques and the best practices taught in this course, you will gain a deep understanding of the real fundamentals you need.

What you will learn in Ultimate Courses – JavaScript Basics:

  • Basics of JavaScript programming language
  • Working with variables, conditional logic, types of numbers, strings and booleans
  • Work with Functions and Arrays

Course specifications

Publisher: Ultimate Courses
Instructors: Todd Motto
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 66
Duration: 8 hours

Course topics:

The Missing Introduction to JavaScript (3 lessons)

The Missing Introduction to JavaScript (13:34)
Modern JavaScript (07:44)
External Resources

Variables, Declarations and Assignment (6 lessons)

Project Setup
Project Walkthrough and Install (07:44)
Hello <script> World (09:43)
Understanding var and Hoisting (08:53)
Block scoping and let (04:57)
Variables with const (05:52)

Conditional Logic (4 lessons)

Truthy and Falsy Values ​​(11:03)
If, Else If and Else Statements (10:43)
Ternary Operator (09:19)
Switch Statements (10:02)

Numbers In-Depth (7 lessons)

Number Literal, Function and Constructor Syntax (07:16)
Integers and Floating Points (06:15)
Parsing Strings to Numbers (06:55)
Understanding Not-a-Number (05:06)
Numbers and Immutability (03:37)
Correctly Type-Checking Numbers (07:57)
Exploring Number Methods (08:40)

Strings In-Depth (5 lessons)

String Literal, Function and Constructor Syntax (13:58)
String Properties and Indexes (08:23)
Strings and Immutability (03:01)
Correctly Type-Checking Strings (04:17)
Exploring String Methods (10:12)

Booleans In-Depth (2 lessons)

Boolean Literal, Function and Constructor Syntax (04:52)
Correctly Type-Checking Booleans (02:24)

Functions In-Depth (8 lessons)

Function Declarations and Expressions (13:41)
Function Parameters and Defaults (07:46)
Rest Parameters and Arguments (11:13)
Function Return Values ​​(06:23)
Function Closures and Scope (11:55)
Immediately-Invoked Function Expressions ( IIFE) (07:55)
Functions and Callbacks (08:53)
Functions and “this” (14:34)

Objects In-Depth (12 lessons)

Object Literal, Function and Constructor Syntax (08:12)
Properties, Methods and Values ​​(09:01)
Shorthand Properties and Methods (05:21)
Destructuring Object Properties (11:28)
Property and Value Existence Checking (11:59)
Adding and Updating Object Properties (04:24)
Removing Object Properties (04:05)
Shallow and Deep Object Cloning (09:55)
Merging Objects (04:20)
Correctly Type-Checking Objects (04:58)
Imperative Object Iteration (12: 08)
Declarative Object Iteration (04:32)

Arrays In-Depth (21 lessons)

Array Literal, Function and Constructor Syntax (05:08)
Properties, Indexes and Elements (07:41)
Multi-dimensional Arrays (04:00)
Destructuring Arrays (05:13)
Adding Array Elements (10:51)
Removing Array Elements ( 06:01)
Finding Array Elements (08:38)
Shallow and Deep Array Cloning (06:50)
Merging Arrays (04:51)
Reversing and Sorting Arrays (04:50)
Correctly Type-Checking Arrays (04:52)
Imperative Array Iteration (05:50)
Iteration with Break and Continue (05:17)
Iteration with for… of (04:08)
Exploring Array.forEach (09:07)
Exploring (11:04)
Exploring Array.filter (07 : 46)
Exploring Array.reduce (14:22)
Exploring Array.some (09:20)
Exploring Array.every (08:32)
Exploring Array.find (08:51)

Course prerequisites:


JavaScript Basics

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