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CFA® Level 1 (22/21) – Complete Financial Reporting Analysis is a complete and practice-oriented training course for applicants to take the CFA Financial and Economic Analysis Exam, published by Udemy Academy. The CFA is a valid international and standardized test in financial and economic topics such as portfolio management and investment conducted by the non-profit CFA® – CFA Institute. This test has three different levels and applicants must pass all three levels to receive the final degree. More than half of the people who register for this exam are rejected and do not get a passing score. This course is a small part of a ten-part training suite that deals specifically with topics related to financial analysis and reporting.

In order to make students comfortable and increase their ability to concentrate, the videos of this training course have been recorded in the shortest and most concise way possible, and the duration of each video is a maximum of 15 minutes. To explain complex economic topics, a series of graphic designs and simple animations have been used that can help you quickly recall the contents of the exam session. At the end of this course you will be able to answer at least 80% of the questions related to the topics of this course and gain a relative mastery of financial reporting and analysis.

What you will learn in CFA® Level 1 (21/22) – Complete Financial Reporting Analysis

  • Teach topics related to financial statements in a categorized way
  • Full familiarity with important concepts such as assets, debt, equity, income, expenses and …
  • Familiarity with the important role of standardization organizations and regulatory agencies
  • Calculation of depreciation, cost of goods sold, inventory and warehousing and various methods of calculating dividends (EPS)
  • Understand the different types of balance sheets and evaluate them
  • Cash flow statement (cash flow statement) by direct and indirect methods
  • Using different methods and techniques of financial analysis
  • Introducing two methods, FIFO and LIFO, for pricing goods
  • Difference between taxes payable and income tax expense
  • Calculate book value and interest cost with different methods of calculating interest rates
  • Understanding the impact of accounting methods and financial estimates on revenues, financial reports, financial situation and ….
  • Using various analytical tools to predict future earnings and cash flow
  • Familiarity with basic and advanced equations of accounting science
  • Familiarity with the IFRS standard and its fundamental differences with US GAAP
  • Familiarity with operating and non-operating income
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: PrepNuggets | by Keith Tan, CFA
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 69
Duration: 7 hours and 58 minutes

Course topics

CFA® Level 1 (21/22) - Complete Financial Reporting Analysis Content

CFA® Level 1 (21/22) – Complete Financial Reporting Analysis Prerequisites

Basic mathematics knowledge


CFA® Level 1 (21/22) - Complete Financial Reporting Analysis

CFA® Level 1 (21/22) – Complete Financial Reporting Analysis introduction video

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Quality: 720p

This course is part of a large 10-part series. (All Courses)

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