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IELTS Step-by-step | Mastering Speaking is a training course on everything you need for your IELTS speaking skills. Starting with YouTube from an old IELTS test taker, James Castleden, this IELTS Step-by-step course aims to strengthen speaking skills (including fluency, correct pronunciation, idiom range, and other speaking-related language skills. In various exercises), gain confidence and time management in the IELTS test. In this course, you will be taught thousands of tricks, techniques and skills that can significantly improve your Speaking skills on the IELTS test. We will also work on 15 different speaking tests and review them in detail with the help of the course instructor.This course is suitable for people who intend to take the IELTS test (scientific or general).

What IELTS Step-by-step | You will learn Mastering Speaking:

  • Improve the Speaking score of your IELTS test to above 7
  • View 15 one-on-one speaking exercises and in-depth analysis
  • Learn over 350 terms and collocations
  • Learn test techniques and tricks

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors:  James Castleden ,  MA Applied Linguistics & DELTA
Language: English
Education Level: Basic to Advanced
Number of Courses: 63
Duration: 22 hours and 54 minutes

Course topics:

IELTS Step-by-step Mastering Speaking Contents

Prerequisites course:

Intermediate (B1) English


IELTS Step-by-step Mastering Speaking

Sample videos:

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