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React Js With Laravel Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Project is a full-stock developer and advanced web application development (PWA) training course published by Udemy Academy. In this training course, you will use React and Laurel frameworks to develop the user side and the server side of the website, respectively, and at the end of the course, you will develop a ready and functional online store. Full Stack Web Developer is one of the most popular job categories in the world of freelance and freelance, which brings a lot of job opportunities and economic potential. React is one of the most popular web interface building frameworks, which occupies almost 50% of the labor market and has been used by various companies such as Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc.

Laravel is a PHP-based framework that is used in server-side development of various applications, especially online stores, and has many fans. Progressive web applications and dynamic websites have gained a lot of fans in recent years and have become one of the most used trends in the web development industry. Among the most important topics taught in this course are the basics of JavaScript programming language, development of dynamic websites with React, development of site server side with Laravel framework, building Rest API and calling it in different sections. Website and … pointed out.

What you will learn in React Js With Laravel Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Project

  • Basic knowledge of React framework and its competitive advantages
  • Basics of JavaScript
  • REST API development
  • Initial configuration and installation of the database on the real server
  • Familiarity with components in React framework
  • Build a contact section on the website using Laravel
  • Build a website loader animation
  • Implement user authentication and login and logout management
  • Build a website admin panel
  • Build a user authentication section in the Laravel framework with Jetstream
  • Implement a product image gallery and the ability to zoom and view up close
  • Create similar product sections on all store pages
  • Implement user review
  • Implement shopping cart and transfer button to cart
  • Implement bookmarking and save favorite products
  • View users’ purchase history and recall data from the database
  • Implement the notification and notification section of the website
  • Build multilingual websites
  • Validation of forms and information entered by the user in various inputs
  • Build responsive websites
  • Improve website experience (UX)

Course specifications

Publisher: Udemy
Instructors: Kazi Ariyan and easy Learning
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 387
Duration: 72 hours and 5 minutes

Course topics on 2021/11

React Js With Laravel Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Project Content

React Js With Laravel Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Project Prerequisites

Must Know HTML

Must Know CSS

Basics Knowledge Of React Js will be better.

A Windows PC, Mac or Linux Computer

Basics of JavaScript like creating functions and loops

Desire to learn React

Nothing else! It’s just you, your computer and your ambition to get started today


React Js With Laravel Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Project

React Js With Laravel Build Complete PWA Ecommerce Project Introduction Video

Installation guide

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