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Build Tiktok with React is a website development training course using the React framework published by Reed Barger Academy. In this training course, a method called cloning or cloning has been used to teach programming, which can be very useful in teaching complex coding processes. In this method, the student must carefully examine one of the services or websites used, such as Tiktok, and divide it into small sections. Then, with his current knowledge and skills, he must develop different parts of the application and have a practical and complete project at the end. Learning in this style is completely non-linear and unlimited, which means that the user can refer to his original clone in the coming months and even years and improve it or add new features to it.

React is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries, accounting for about 50% of the job market. React has no restrictions and programmers can easily implement medium and heavy applications with React. In this training course, together with the instructor, you will develop a project similar to the Tiktok social network, and at the end, you will launch it. During the course of this training course with important topics such as authentication and login and login management of users, receiving information from APIs and databases, working with React router capability and adding different pages to the website, implementing media files such as files You will get acquainted with audio and video in the website space and you will learn the mentioned topics in a practical way.

What you will learn in Build Tiktok with React

  • Build a user application similar to the Tiktok social network
  • Familiarity with serverless applications and by them with React and Firebase
  • Connecting the application to the database and receiving information from it and simultaneously and quickly updating the application in order to display it to the user
  • Indirect authentication of users using indirect modules of Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • Introduction to React hooks
  • Familiarity with libraries and application components of React framework such as Draft.js and react-firebase-hooks
  • Work with powerful web APIs
  • Optimize and enhance the coding process using Emmet
  • Display video files on the web using Firebase Storage

Course specifications

Publisher: Reed Barger
Instructors: Reed Barger
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 39
Duration: 4 hours and 24 minutes

Course topics

1. Tools You Need
2. Starting Code
3. Starting Code Overview
4. VSCode with React (Optional)
5. Firebase Setup
6. Connect Firebase with React
7. Create LogIn component
8. Check if new user
9. Create SignUp UI
10. Sign Up user
11. Add User Context
12. Add Routes to AuthApp Component
13. Add Header Component
14. Build NotFound Page
15. Build Upload Page
16. Create useDragDrop Hook
17. Get Video Duration
18. Add useFirebaseUpload Hook
19. Add UploadPreview and UploadProgress Components
20. Add Discard Modal
21. Create Draft Editor Component
22. Finish Draft Editor Functionality
23. Create Success Modal
24. Submit New Posts
25. Build Sidebar Component
26. Display Feed Posts
27. Create useVideo Hook
28. AutoPlay on Scroll with Intersection Observer
29. Add LikeButton and MessagesButton Components
30. Add Follow Button Component
31. Create VideoPost Page
32. Add and Display Video Post Comments
33. Create Profile Header
34. Add ProfileTabs Component
35. Build Dropdown Component
36. Add SearchBar Functionality
37. Display Search Results
38. Add Debounce Function to Search Users
39. Deploy App with Firebase Tools


Build Tiktok with React

Build Tiktok with React introduction video

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