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Start writing CSS with confidence is a CSS site design and programming course published by the famous YouTuber Kevin Powell. Kevin Powell is a well-known YouTube programmer and educator who has published valuable content in the field of front-end and website design, and his channel has more than 300,000 followers. CSS is one of the main pillars of web design and development along with HTML and JavaScript and plays an important role in the modern web world. There are several educational resources available on the Internet that teach CSS, but each of them has its drawbacks and disadvantages and can not prepare those interested in entering the job market. At first glance, CSS seems like a very simple and basic programming language, but with the experience of this attractive programming language, it becomes difficult and tedious.

Learning the basics and application of CSS in web page layouts, animations, and the precise implementation of design ideas can have a profound effect on your career future. CSS is very sensitive and all its various elements interact with each other in such a way that a small change can have unwanted results and cause problems for the whole website. Focusing too much on front-end frameworks and libraries has led people to misunderstand CSS as a nuisance. Writing inappropriate and inefficient code can be very expensive in large-scale and large-scale projects and disrupt the overall project development process. During the training process of this course, you will encounter challenges and purposeful exercises, each of which has important points.

What you will learn in Start writing CSS with confidence

  • Familiarity with the core of the CSS programming language
  • In-depth understanding of the challenges and limitations of CSS
  • Familiarity with common mistakes and errors of programmers
  • Build a beautiful yet responsive three-page website
  • Page layout and layout of various website elements
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Kevin Powell Media
Instructors: Kevin Powell
Language: English
Level: Introductory to Advanced
Number of Lessons: 177
Duration: 20 hours and 45 minutes

Start writing CSS with confidence topics

Module 1 – The misunderstood fundamentals

Module 2 – The unknown fundamentals

Module 3 – Content vs Layout

Module 4 – Breaking out of tutorial hell

Module 5 – Supercharge your learning


start writing css with confidence

Start writing CSS with confidence introduction video

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