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Ultimate Electrical Machines for Electrical Engineering, a training course, everything is about the electrical device like DC ,synchronous and devices, induction, and also the converter and the circuit, the magnetic industry. This collection, in fact, of the 4 full course on various topics for Electrical Engineering, has been prepared that includes full training devices DC, Circuit, magnetic, etc. devices, Synchronous, and finally complete training devices-inducing industry.

What courses Ultimate Electrical Machines for Electrical Engineering’ll learn:

  • Understand the importance of the converter and whys of using them as the backbone of the power system
  • The importance of the iron core, and learn about circuits magnetic, which is core Cordy have been.
  • The structure of the winding on the converter, how to say in the cores, because of the use of copper for the coil and classification of the coil
  • Understanding the performance of insulation materials and lubrication converter
  • The importance of the shell for the security man
  • The importance of change developer hub and the imprint on the changing times
  • The importance of Buchholz Relay in the converter, the
  • Understand the difference between the converter ideal and non-ideal
  • Learn about the types of waste arising in the converter, the
  • Training induced EMF and currents
  • Understand the importance of the circuit, the magnetic, and the effect of Fringing
  • Launch and a waste of devices, DC
  • Parallel operation of two generators
  • Methods the starter motor, the induction
  • Productive induction excites your

Specifications period

Publisher: Udemy
teachers: Ahmed Mahdy and Khadija Academy
language: English,
educational level: introductory to advanced,
the number of lessons: 105
time: 13 hours and 21 minutes

This course

Ultimate Electrical Machines for Electrical Engineering contents

Prerequisite course:

Must have knowledge about Fundamentals of Electric Circuits or taken my course for Electric Circuits to understand the analysis of circuits.


Ultimate Electrical Machines for Electrical Engineering

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