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Metroidvania Toolkit: Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unity, a training course coding using C# and the design of a video game, a two-dimensional Action Platformer using Unity 2020 is. If you are coding in. Unity or game design are a beginner, then the first part of this course is prepared, it can quickly give you all the topics of the basis behind the issue of coding and how to work with Unity will teach and you will eventually get the episode a good understanding of the different windows, Unity, and variety of data for all programming languages will have. Also, you are taught how the game play your own and have it in your system outside of Unity Run. If the time on working with Unity, previous experience you’ve had, but in making the game difficult, you continue on this course, with the training instances, and specialized in the side, making a game to you all the items needed, training will be given.

What period Metroidvania Toolkit: Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unity learn:

  • Coding, computer architecture, code
  • Game development in Unity
  • The theory of C#code
  • Controller removable, perfect for Game Two-dimensional Platformer genre
  • Integration objects and devices of shooting
  • Stability data in Unity
  • Artificial intelligence for the enemy
  • World map
  • Rig categories, the characters two-dimensional
  • Cinematic dumping
  • کیفریم and animation two-dimensional
  • Falling randomly when killing the enemy
  • Theories of the development of video games
  • Save/load system using slots for multiple game

Specifications period

Publisher: Udemy
teachers: Brent Williams
language: English,
educational level: introductory to advanced,
the number of lessons: 99
Time: 20 hours and 53 minutes

This course

Metroidvania Toolkit: Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unity

Prerequisite course:

A working computer that can run Unity’s minimum system requirements.


Metroidvania Toolkit: Make a 2D Action Platformer in Unity

Sample movie

Installation guide

After the Extract, etc. with the Player your desired view.

Subtitles: English

Quality: 720


Version 2021/3 has increased the time by about 9 minutes compared to 2021/1.

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