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PyQt5 From A-Z, a training course, the interface PyQt5 for use in Python is. In this course, learn how to make a GUI, a modern take on the python build the facade, and the sense of operating system, the main pass you will that no matter Windows, Mac or Linux, be. This course will help you to know when and how of the box, the text, comboboxes, etc. file dialogs, etc. date-picker and color, exhibitionist, Web page, images and more for programs with most recent technology, menu, etc. the tool bar and window to adjust the size to use. After the end of the work, design, GUI, etc. learn how the interface to the data base of SQL queries related to and get into users let that data to change and these changes to store.

What the period of PyQt5 From A-Z learn:

  • Basic concepts PyQt5 for the development of GUI applications in Python
  • The data type of PyQt5
  • Widget PyQt5
  • Layout PyQt5
  • Using Qt Designer to develop user interfaces
  • Applications database using QtSQL
  • Program Multi-threaded using QThread
  • Doggystyle packing your program using Qt Style Sheets

Specifications period

Publisher: Udemy
teachers: Michael Miller
language: English,
educational level: the average
number of courses: 104
time: 21 hours and 44 minutes

This course

PyQt5 From A-Z contents

Prerequisite course:

The students should be familiar with Python as a procedural language and as an object-oriented language. I do provide some back ground on objects in python, but more experience would be beneficial.


PyQt5 From A-Z

Sample movie

Installation guide

After the Extract, etc. with the Player your desired view.

Subtitles: English

Quality: 720

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