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ES6 for Everyone is a JavaScript programming language course from Wes Bos. JavaScript is a dynamic programming language that is constantly changing and new features are being added. ES6 is one of the biggest updates to the programming language, first released in 2015 and revolutionizing classic JavaScript in general. ES6 has been able to greatly increase the readability and simplicity of code and perform more tasks with fewer lines. Learning ES6 alone and outside the historical framework of the JavaScript programming language is almost impossible, and in this regard, the basics and basics of JavaScript will be taught along with the new features and capabilities of ES6.

Wes Bos is a Canadian full-stack programmer, speaker and lecturer working as a freelance developer with various companies. This training course is not suitable for 100% beginners and those who have no experience in the field of coding and it is recommended that these people are initially familiar with basic JavaScript topics such as operators, variables, data types, objects and arrays, etc. And then proceed to learn the topics of this training course. In each of the videos of this training course, you will get acquainted with one of the new features of ES6 and you will learn how to work with the new features of JavaScript in a completely project-oriented and practical way.

What you will learn in ES6 for Everyone

  • Variables introduced in the ES6 update such as let and const
  • Scopes in JavaScript
  • Template String
  • Arrow Function
  • Destructuring and creating variables with this method
  • Repeaters
  • Work with repeat loops
  • Work with dot operators
  • Structure the code using NPM and modules
  • Explore the concept of Class in JavaScript
  • Proxy and its application
  • JavaScript Generator Functions
  • Map and Set function
  • Write clean and structured code using ESLint
  • ES7 / ES2016
  • ES8 / ES2017
  • Async / Await
  • Babel 7
  • And …

Course specifications

Publisher: Wes Bos
Instructors: Wes Bos
Language: English
Level: Intermediate
Number of Lessons: 78
Duration: 7 hours

Course topics

Module #1 – New Variables — Creation, Updating and Scoping

Module #2 – Function Improvements: Arrows and Default Arguments

Module #3 – Template Strings

Module #4 – Additional String Improvements

Module #5 – Destructuring

Module #6 – Iterables & Looping

Module #7 – An Array of Array Improvements

Module #8 – Say Hello to …Spread and …Rest

Module #9 – Object Literal Upgrades

Module #10 – Promises

Module #11 – Symbols

Module #12 – Code Quality with ESLint

Module #13 – JavaScript Modules and Using npm

Module #14 – ES6 Tooling

Module #15 – Classes

Module #16 – Generators

Module #17 – Proxies

Module #18 – Sets and WeakSets

Module #19 – Map and Weak Map

Module #20 – Async + Await Flow Control

Module #21 – ES7, ES8 + Beyond

ES6 for Everyone Prerequisites

This isn’t JavaScript from scratch, so if you are looking for a beginner course this probably isn’t it. You should have some knowledge of functions, variables, Objects, Arrays and other fundamentals.


ES6 for Everyone

ES6 for Everyone introduction video

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