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Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: Nand to Tetris Part II, the training Part II basic principles of construction of modern computers, from the design of the Gate Nand up games video games puzzle Tetris shows. In the course of project axis, you will learn how a hierarchy of software for the translation and the implementation language, high-level and based on the object on a hardware platform, computer are assembled the use.

In this course you will learn how to make a virtual machine and a compiler for programs written in languages like Java run. Also, you an operating system will develop prompts that take advantage of high level language based on the hardware be provided.

A textbook accompanies the course book written by Nisan and Schocken, with the title The Elements of Computing Systems is. However you don\’t need to buy this book is not, but the book topics presented in this course covers.

The course consists of 6 sections that each section consists of a set of video lectures and a project. You to 2 to 3 hours time to view the lectures each section, and in about 5 to 10 hours to complete each project the time of need. You can use this training course in 6 weeks, complete. With this, there can timing about your comment on the completion of the course choose.

This course by the University of Hebrew University of Jerusalem, is recommended.

The first course called Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: From Nand to Tetris (Project-Centered Course) from here, call.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • An overview of the machine learning and. its components. the management of inputs and outputs. programming low-level
  • Management program, the introduction of functions and invokes it. run the virtual machine
  • A brief on the tongue Jack, etc., programming-based object, the program development and the operating system is based on the language
  • Analysis of the orders and the rules of the programming language, the construction analyst recipe
  • Create the code, manage the variables, objects and arrays
  • Operating system, the factors affecting the کاررایی, etc. available to memory, graphics, string processing
  • The class system, etc. the project of creating an operating system

Profile courses:

Publisher: : Coursera
Instructor: Shimon Schocken, Noam Nisan
Time: 22h 42m
Number of Sections: 6 sections
Language: English

This course will Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: Nand to Tetris Part II

Getting Started
Machine Language
Virtual Machine I: Stack Arithmetic
Virtual Machine II: Program Control
High-Level Language
Compiler I: Syntax Analysis
Compiler II: Code Generation
Operating System
Postscript: More Fun to Go

Prerequisite course

The only requirement is programming ability at the level acquired in typical introduction to computer science courses.
We expect learners to submit assignments in any version of Java, or Python. We will assume that you have basic programming ability in these languages, including a basic ability to understand and write simple object-based programs.
Nand to Tetris Part I and Nand to Tetris Part II are two separate and stand alone courses. Although it is recommended to take Part I before taking Part II, you can take any of these courses in any order that suites you.


Build a Modern Computer from First Principles: Nand to Tetris Part II

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