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Quixel Suite is a set of plugins applications Photoshop in order to build professional. In this collection of several plug-in would have taken all of them together all the needs required for the construction of professional will satisfy them. Usually widely used in computer games are. For example, in the environment of a game, different substances of the earth, earthy, taken up, stone walls, etc. wood, coatings, leather, and … there are. For the production of this naturally, must be from scanned images and actual for the extraction and sampling used. This is what this product has done it.

Plastic in this set there under the title: DDO, this plug-in is actually a library of thousands of texture that for Real on the industrial materials various scans have been. Other plugins this collection of 3DO, which is a very large number of brushes ready in the back. With the use of this any kind of plan, and role, you can create your. With the plugin, NDO can also be a variety of normal maps for more realistic out  in the Photoshop environment to simply design. When the power of these plugins at the side of features editing Photoshop put flexibility and offer functionality to make it more delighted. You in any part of the  desired, you can creativity, to spend it, and from the tools default Photoshop effects and … filters, lighting, and … use to get to the desired result find hand.

Features and set features a plugin Quixel Suite :

  • Having a number of very large Texture by scanning real cases of different
  • The possibility of making normal maps and real down  base
  • Features customization high because of the expanse of the vast choices
  • Compatibility with the environment, Photoshop and all versions of Windows
  • And …

Plugin this set:

DDO : Huge Material Library.

3DO : Amazing 3D Painting.

NDO : The Ultimate Normals Toolkit.

System requirements

Minimum system requirements

Windows 7, 64-bit only
Photoshop CS3 Standard/Extended, 64-bit
8GB of RAM
Nvidia 600 series, or comparable specifications
At least 16GB of scratch disk memory reserved for Photoshop (i.e., 16GB free on the hard drive Photoshop is using as a scratch disk) 1.5 GHz CPU


Quixel Suite

Installation guide

Use the Keygen found in folder Crack plugins will register you.

Download link

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Download Part 2 – 1 GB

Download Part 3 – 172 MB

Password file(s):

File size

2.15 GB

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