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EMWorks HFWorks software is great for simulating the antenna, radio waves, etc. میکروویو, etc. ریزموجها, etc., electric circuits and electronic low frequency and high. This program combines the power, accuracy and simplicity. HFWorks for full with programs Ansis SpaceClaim seamlessly, the design and analysis of this type of circuits available to it. The manufacturer program, all your efforts spent on providing a simple environment of Electrical and electronic engineers, rather than getting involved with CAD to be able to direct the design of the circuit to focus on. This program capabilities the top of the سالیدورک in the field of CAD with the method of finite elements combine the way easy and pleasant to design and simulate a variety of circuits, electric and electronic ballast provide a life.

The entire process of Design, model, simulate and optimize circuits الکترومناطیسی in the environment سالیدورک done and you have no need for the use of accessories tools for the job, you won\’t. This software different tools to solve different issues in the field of electromagnetic waves, etc., physics, the field etc. publication, distribution, and interference waves, etc. issues related to the integrity and health of the signal. radio frequencies and beyond having industry. In the application of finite element method technology and mesh for the calculation in the two areas, the antenna and the circuits پارمتریک used. You can use a variety of calculations in the sphere of electric and magnetic fields, etc. electromagnetic energy, guided waves, etc. increase signal strength relative to the axial., the rate of interest and the impedance circuit and standing wave ratio, etc to easily do.

Features and plugin features HFWorks:

  • Design models of complex, three-dimensional in the least possible time
  • Ability to import a variety of files, CAD
  • Making a quick map, engineering, files, CAM, ready to share with mechanical engineers
  • Full integration with سالیدورک and Ennis اسپسکلیم
  • Analysis based on the methods of parametric
  • Perform different calculations in the field of communications and wave
  • Mathematical calculations in the field of electromagnetic waves
  • Analysis of antenna, and resources
  • And …

System requirements EMWorks HFWorks

System Requirements:
• Windows 64-bit.
• 8 GB of RAM or more.
• 100 GB of Free Hard Disk space.



Installation guide

After installation, the files contained in the folder Crack in place, install the program copy and replace.

Download link

Download EMWorks HFWorks 2017 SP0.2 for SolidWorks 2011-2018 x64

Password file(s):

File size

374 MB

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