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EMWorks EMS Software powerful the direction of simulate electric and magnetic fields is. Primarily this application, a tool capable to perform calculations related to magnetic fields, and electromagnetic, etc. the calculation of the flux, etc. of torque and magnetic force., the currents Eddy and is in second grade, very good tool for design and calculation circuits is magnetic, because easily possible to calculate the resistance, induction and capacity سیملولهها in there. With the use of this program can be design and calculations relating to transformers with the accuracy of a high performing Alliance, for example, be losses, and Eddy, waste nuclear Foucault and hysteresis as well as the toll the heat, it\’s simply calculated. Similarly to the engines in sync, we can proceed to calculate the torque and the force of it.

EMS پلاگینهایی is for full with software اینونتور, etc. اسپیسکلیم and سالیدورک integrated is. EMS is equipped with حلکنندههای integrated thermal and structural, which, along with the features تجزیهوتحلیل software host one of the best programs multi-physical is considered. This program capabilities a high in the design and analysis of a variety of circuits have been and easily could be different calculations related to engines and generators الکترکی, etc. transformers, etc. circuits, power and voltage, bushings, etc., magnet, etc. connectors, electric cables, etc., sensors., the elements heat. سیملولهها and مقاومتها, etc., instrumentation, biomedicine, and so it did. This software by ElectroMagneticWorks made that specialized in the area of design, software, automation, electric tools, electromagnetic CAE and CAD activities of the stalls.

Features and plugin features EMWorks EMS:

  • The ability to analyze circuits, magnetic and AC
  • The possibility of simulating the exact circuits
  • Calculate thermal dissipation سیملولهها
  • Solubilizing fast and چندهستهای
  • The ability of the different calculations related to transformers, motors, synchronous
  • Calculate the torque and force engine
  • Has a plugin for software, SpaceClaim, etc. SolidWord and Inventor

System requirements

System Requirements:
• Windows 64-bit.
• 6 GB of RAM or more.
• 50 GB of free hard disk space.


EMWorks EMS screenshot

Installation guide

After installation, the files contained in the folder Crack in place, install the program copy and replace.

The version on 19 July 98 in Windows 10 64 bit install, and – as in the picture is clear – with the success activated.

Download link

Download EMWorks EMS 2017 SP1.4 for SolidWorks 2011-2018 x64

Password file(s):
[ad id=\’11306\’]

File size

575 MB

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