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GasTurb is a professional software in the field of calculating the performance of the gas turbine is for engineers, managers, researchers, and students, mechanics and design of turbine is made. This software has a user interface and video is simple, and the results of calculations in the shortest time possible, to show you. The application will be global in many different industries, including engines, aircraft, power plants, etc. monitoring, fleet, and university teaching are used.

Software GasTurb profile and the overall performance of the gas turbines is calculated and described, and for the people who are in the manufacturing industry بدنهء aircraft, manufacturing various types of gas turbines, etc. , produce electricity, and other operators of aerial activity are very useful. The main difference of this software with other similar software in the graphical interface is attractive and unique and the quality of the results, output, etc. to the event that it can be used as a comprehensive solution and make sure in the manufacture of gas turbines used.

Specs and features of the software GasTurb :

  • Calculate the performance of gas turbines
  • Has a graphical interface attractive and unique
  • The high quality of the results output
  • Calculate the steady state behavior and transient
  • Analysis test
  • Providing material for learning about gas turbines

System Requirements

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10


GasTurb screenshot


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File size

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