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PAULIN Research Group or PRG was founded in 1991 by Tony Paulin; who is also the author and lead designer of the powerful CAESAR II software, with the founding of PRG, the PRG software suite for FEA (aka Finite Element Analysis) technology. Develops, designs and develops finite element analysis in the piping and pressure vessels industries.

Nozzle / PRO software is the most popular application in the collection, a powerful tool for analyzing piping components and pressure vessels.

Software included in the PRG suite :

(FE / Pipe 7.0 (Build Date 21 July 2014: Full FEA package for pressure vessels and piping engineering)

(BOS Fluids 4.6 (Build Date 2 April 2013: Analysis of Different Conditions in Steady-State and Transient Flow Models in Liquid or Gas Piping Systems)

PCL Gold 5.1.1: Advanced pipe stress analysis tool with the ability to precisely analyze composite models including plumbing, structures, rotary equipment, etc.

PRO Series:

(NozzlePRO 9.0.35 (Build Date 11 December 2014: Analysis of a wide range of piping components and pressure vessels by finite element method)

AxiPRO 3.6: Symmetric Geometry Analysis Using FEA Technology

(661PRO 2.0.4 (Build Date 16 October 2014: Headspace Nozzle Analysis for Fan Heat Exchangers) (formerly part of the FE series and known as FE661)

MatPRO 4.0: A comprehensive and extensive database of ASME material properties and also includes calculators for various factors

(MeshPRO 3.5.1 (Build Date 9 December 2010: Interface tool between AutoCAD and FE / Pipe)

FE Series:

(FE107 2.6.5 (Build Date 24 July 2014: Stress analysis of nozzle connections in piping and pressure vessels)

(FESIF 2.6.5 (Build Date 24 July 2014

(FEBend 1.5.6 (Build Date 11 June 2014

(FETee 1.2.1 (Build Date 09 December 2014

PRG Software Package Tips :

– This version is fully flawed and installed and tested by Download.

– Some antiviruses may recognize the Keygen file as a virus, if not.

– All versions of this software are extremely scarce and rarely available to the public.

required system

This suite has been tested and tested in Windows 7 64-bit and has not been tested for problems with newer Windows.



Installation guide

Version 2018:

Read the Readme.txt file in the Crack folder. It’s similar to 2015 version.

Note: The license of this version has expired, but it is possible to run the program by changing the system date to any date before December 2019. You can also use RunAsDate software for this purpose, but you must run the programs individually and directly from the relevant executable file.

Version 2011:

Install the software using the serial in the Readme.txt file. Go to the installation location (by default C: PRGPRG2011) and run the username.exe file. Copy from User ID and Computer ID. Run the Keygen_DownLoadLy.iR.exe file in the Crack folder, enter the User ID and Computer ID and click Generate. Run the program by running the StartPRO file and then by one of the tools like NozzlePRO. In the DEMO VERSION QUERY and Security Authorization window, click Yes, and in the Security Startup Info window, click OK and then type in the 4-part Keygen code (Copy-Paste disabled) and finally press F1 to save. .

For version 2015, after installing the program, copy and paste the crack files at the installation site and then use the above method to register the software.

download link

Download PRG_2018

Download PRG 2015 v15.0.1

Download PRG 2011 v1.0.83

File password (s):


300 MB

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