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Civil Designer is the technical and engineering software name for the interior design of your modern infrastructure project. Using this software by architecture engineers increases the efficiency and speed of your projects. The integrated interoperability in this powerful software makes you aware of the quality of your work properly and can safely execute your designs. It is also referred to as the only integrated modern independent standalone design tool.

Civil Designer software has many features and features. Compliance with the principles of civil engineering and testing of this software is a factor that enables you to effectively and specifically achieve the desired design. With this software your designs will look more creative and clever, and with the high efficiency of this software your work speed will be significantly increased and this will save you time. .

Features and Features of Civil Designer Software:

  • Fully adhere to the principles of engineering and civil engineering
  • Advanced and perfect support for BIM, LandXML and DWG
  • Using this software will save you time
  • Your designs are better and your productivity increases
  • Reduces your costs in a special way
  • With this software you will be able to analyze very useful
  • Customizable structural design patterns are pre-prepared
  • Road and road design, pipe network design, water network design and road intersection design

System Requirement

Operating Systems

Windows 10 x64

Recommended Hardware

Processor: Core i7-i9

Memory: 8GB (16GB Recommended)

Disk space: 500MB

Video: 1024 × 600 minimum / 1920 × 1080 or better supporting at least DirectX 11 Recommended


Civil Designer screenshot

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