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Machine Learning Classification Bootcamp in Python , name of package, comprehensive training, machine learning in programming language Python . Nowadays, machine learning is one of the skills is very much needed among the programmers, you go . This package of training, you with your techniques to the day of machine learning such as Logistic Regression, etc. Decision Trees., the Random Forest, etc. Naive Bayes and SVM familiar and how to use them to teach you . Machine learning requires familiarity and mastery of broad concepts of mathematics as well, which this collection of training courses in addition to part programming language, all the theory and concepts necessary math to understand and implement, machine learning will also cover .

The other feature of this collection, presenting and training, the construction of 10 projects with the use of the data set ( dataset ) true is . Project such as : making spam finder for email, analytics, emotionally, from the view of customers, assistant, Alexa, Amazon, prediction and validation, customers of a bank, predict disease, cancer, and 6 project applications other . For this training, to dominate the primitive to the programming language Python you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’ll need . With during this training, you will be able as a data scientist, hire you, or from machine learning in solving problems of real benefit .

What things to learn

Mastery of the library, Scikit-Learn, and Seaborn Python

How to use the library Matplotlib to design and display the chart

Learn methods and techniques to day machine learning such as K-Nearest Neighbors, etc. – SVM., the Random Forest and …

Understand the difference between machine learning and … deep learning and artificial intelligence

And …

This training suits people who

Data Scientist that want your skills in this field increase

Python jobs that want to learn machine mastering have

Programmer that want to learn from a machine in the making of applications, your use

And …

Profile, Machine Learning, Classification, Bootcamp in Python

Publisher : Udemy

Instructor : Dr. Ryan Ahmed, Ph. D., MBA, etc. Kirill Eremenko and … Hadelin de Ponteves, etc. Mitchell H, etc. SuperDataScience Team

Language : English

Training level : Intermediate

Number of lessons : 82 lessons in 9 sections

Time duration : 11h 43m

Head seasons

Machine Learning Classification Bootcamp in Python



  • Basic knowledge of Python Programming
  • Experienced computer user


Machine Learning Classification Bootcamp in Python


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