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Fullstack Laravel API development with Nuxt and Linux is a course from Udemy that teaches you how to build Laravel API with Nuxt and Linux, and by creating a clone of Dribbble, it turns you into a Fullstack programmer in Laravel. By taking this course, you can take your PHP programming skills to the next level and learn to work on professional projects such as building a Dribbble site.

At the beginning of the course you will learn how to organize your code in the repositories and get acquainted with the Repository pattern. Then you\’ll learn how to authenticate a user with JWT, and you\’ll also learn how to verify your account and recover your password. In the following, you will go to the search topic based on the location in MySQL and learn how to implement it. Uploading images, configuring NuxtJS, using the GoogleMap API, and working with a web server are other topics of this course.

Courses taught in this course:

  • Build API-based software using Laravel and MySQL
  • Familiarity with the Repository pattern
  • User ID with JWT
  • Account verification and password recovery
  • Search by location in MySQL
  • NuxtJS configuration
  • Use the GoogleMap API

Fullstack Laravel API development course specifications with Nuxt and Linux:

  • English language
  • Duration: 18 hours and 47 minutes
  • Number of lessons: 145
  • Level of education: Medium
  • Instructor: Neba Funwi-gabga
  • File format: mp4

Course topics

145 lectures 18:47:03

Getting Started
6 lectures 26:44

Setting up the New Laravel Project
4 lectures 13:29

Authenticating API users in Laravel with JWT
16 lectures 01:50:31

Updating User Profile Information
3 lectures 20:12

Creating and managing Designs
14 lectures 01:53:34

Laravel Repository Pattern
11 lectures 01:26:09

Adding Comment and Likes to the Application
7 lectures 59:15

Setting up Designer Teams
12 lectures 01:58:38

Chat Messaging between users
8 lectures 01:04:02

Searching Shots and Designers
3 lectures 42:13

A few Clean up and getting ready for the UI
5 lectures 18:52

Getting started with the Frontend
8 lectures 01:05:43

Implementing Authentication in the UI
7 lectures 01:00:18

Creating Global Dynamic Components and Route Middleware
4 lectures 39:47

Uploading Designs from the User Interface
13 lectures 01:55:39

Listing and Searching Designs
7 lectures 56:44

Deploying the Application to Remote Server
17 lectures 01:55:12

Course prerequisites

  • Knowledge of Laravel and PHP will be very useful
  • Working knowledge of Vuejs for client-side applications will be helpful
  • Any experience with Linux will be useful but not required


Fullstack Laravel API development with Nuxt and Linux

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