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Elerium Excel .NET is a professional component for use in a variety of .NET projects (C #, VB.NET). Developers can easily add functions to build, read and edit a variety of Excel formats, including XLSX, XLS, and CSV, into your Windows applications (C #, VB.NET) or web applications (ASP.NET). . Elerium Excel has a rich set of methods and methods for editing cells of an Excel sheet in various formats. Sample code (C #, VB.NET) shows you how to adjust the style of cells, fonts, borders, and more. Elerium Excel is a standalone component that is compatible with .NET Version 2 and is not dependent on Microsoft Office automation or third-party libraries.

Characteristics of software Elerium Excel .NET:

  • Types of Excel formats including XLSX, XLS and CSV
  • Methods for writing and reading Excel files (see examples of C # and VB.NET code in the Samples folder)
  • Different types of data in a cell (numbers, strings, dates, decimal, etc.)
  • Work with multiple Excel worksheets at once
  • Formatting numbers (number, currency, date, time, fraction, etc.)
  • Font Formatting (Size, Color, Font Type, Properties, Darkening, Underline, Subtitle, and Overwrite)
  • Alignment of cells (horizontal and vertical)
  • Specify the length of the rows and the width of the columns
  • Styling of cells (rotation, text placement and indentation)
  • Cell border (color and style)
  • Set background or pattern for cell
  • Merge cells
  • Encrypt excel files
  • Serious encryption for spreadsheets
  • Hide tabs
  • Excel Formulas
  • Support for right to left texts (Persian and Arabic)
  • Calculate mathematical expressions
  • Header and Footer for Excel Sheets
  • Supports multi-threaded processing
  • Output data in Excel type or data table
  • Supports ready templates

required system

.NET Framework 2+


Elerium Excel

Installation guide

See the Crack folder.

download link

Download Elerium_Excel_.NET_v2.2_Fixed

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