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Report Workshop is a useful component for creating rich reports in Delphi. This component has expanded its capabilities by adding new commands to RichViewActions. It also provides dialogs for editing the report document specification that allows you to specify the shape and icon of the report without engaging with the code. With this component you can design different types of tables with rows and columns with different colors and styles. You can define tables as nested. After applying different settings, you only need to run the Execure () method to generate a report using this component. This component supports a variety of database engines by providing different data providers and is now able to handle all FireDAC, dbExpress, ADO / dbGo, Interbase Express, BDE, AbsoluteDB, NexusDB, DvISAM, ElevateDB, UniDAC, others DACs And MicroOLAP.

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There are many reporting components for Delphi that are generally divided into two groups. One group of them are components that report in a graphical environment and the other part based on textual engines. The first batch usually comprises a larger share of the components. In this type of component, the developer can position different objects, including tags, images, shapes, textboxes, and more, with the mouse in the reporting environment when designing without entering the coding environment.

But this design has its drawbacks as well. One of the disadvantages is that the user reports to the design environment, which means that he or she must take the time to learn the reporting environment. With this in mind, Report Workshop has a very similar graphical environment to standard software such as Word, with open office so that 90% of its components are found in advanced editors. Another disadvantage of reporting components is the inability to modify the report easily. Report Workshop has solved this problem as well. In this component, both the report format and the final result are fully editable at any time. In addition, the final report can include links to another part of the report, which is very important for making lists.

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Report Workshop

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Download Report_Workshop_1.8

Download Report_Workshop_1.5.1_D4-XE10.1

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