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Learn C # By Building Applications is a C # Sharp programming language learning video made by Udemy. But why learn C #? There are several reasons: C # lets you develop games, mobile apps, desktop software, and web applications. This means that if you know C # well, you can build desktop and web applications. As you will always be asked to build an app and software.

Feature of Learn C # By Building Applications course:

  • Learn how to properly code for proper reading
  • Build software using C # after the end of the course
  • You\’re not just learning how to write loops or conditional statements, but learn how to use them in real programs.

Course Specifications Learn C # By Building Applications

  • Duration: 13.5 hours
  • English language
  • Article Number: 1
  • Movie format: AVC 1920 × 1080
  • Audio: AAC 44KHz 2ch
  • Instructor: Avetis Ghukasyan

Topics in this course:

4 Lectures 14:29

Simple Calculator
16 Lectures 02:17:37

Word Unscrambler
24 Lectures 03:15:42

Simple Web Scraper
18 Lectures 02:42:45

Sudoku Solver
24 Lectures 03:27:03

Visual Studio Community 2017 And C # 7
12 Lectures 01:36:10

Closing Words
2 Lectures 02:49


  • We will be using Visual Studio Community 2015 (but once Visual Studio gets more updates the course will continue with the most recent version of Visual Studio Community), so you can download and install it yourself or do it with me during the course
  • It would be preferable that you already know C # (c sharp) basics such as variables, expressions, flow control statements, but it is not required


Udemy Learn C # By Building Applications

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