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RiskWise is an efficient software for managing risk-based technical inspection. Risk-based inspection or RBI is a good way to prioritize and manage work and operational plans based on the risk level of activities and equipment. By focusing inspection resources, maintenance on more risky locations, the RBI increases the chances of the operation being successful, with a direct impact on cost savings. When you do the RBI correctly, many management problems and scheduling problems will not be time-consuming.

For this purpose, various software have been provided, making RiskWise one of the leading software in this field. This inpatient program has enabled professionals and individuals involved in an industrial or operational project to be able to easily handle project related records and update the technical inspection information database under regular program steps. The program is simple designed and the whole process takes place in a graphical environment.

Here you can easily access old and new documents and documents. Many tasks, such as document numbering, are archived automatically, although changes can be made here. There is an advanced searcher application that allows you to search for full text within the stored documents and information. This program can work as a team and network so you can use it as a team with your colleagues. RiskWise has over 10,000 customers worldwide and has been able to dramatically reduce existing risks across many sectors of the industry and projects.

required system   

TWI RiskWISE System Requirements

Windows 7 / 8.1 / 10



Installation guide

Listed in Readme.txt file.

download link

Download TWI_RiskWise_for_Process_Plant_6.1.36681

File password (s):


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