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Mega, Digital Marketing, Course A-Z: the 12 Courses in 1 a comprehensive course of site Udemy about marketing digitally is that broad topics such as strategy, marketing, digital signage, marketing, social networking, WordPress, SEO, sales, internet, e-mail, Instagram, etc., Facebook, and advertising training. You watch this course and learn the material it will be able to get your products and services to the best form introduced to the market and get customers quite a lot to absorb here.

You during this period can learn how to make a website WordPress powerful create, how landing pages and forms required to design layout, how the Mailchimp for email marketing to use, how powerful advertising write to, and what tasks SEO’s do, and the best keywords you find, and how tools such as Google Analytics for analysis of website use. Lecturer the course will also provide you with strategies, marketing, digital familiar does and how to use advertising, Facebook, and Instagram, and other tools will also show.

Cases in which the course is taught:

  • Find the target audience
  • Build a website for the product introduction
  • Raising the conversion rate
  • The use of solutions marketing digital
  • Grow your business using marketing email
  • Optimal use of social networks
  • Doing SEO and finding keywords

The characteristics of Mega, Digital Marketing, Course A-Z: the 12 Courses in 1 :

  • Language : English
  • Time : 56h 35m
  • Number of courses: 392
  • Training level : Intermediate
  • Instructor : Pouya Eti • Digital Marketing Expert, Alireza Etemadi | Marketing Strategy Expert
  • File format : mp4

This course

Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Courses in 1 + Updates

Prerequisite course

  • No previous knowledge required
  • Suitable for all types of businesses (digital product, physical product, service, B2B, B2C).
  • Open with an open mind, hungry to learn, amazing stuff!


Mega Digital Marketing Course A-Z: 12 Courses in 1 + Updates

Sample movie

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Subtitles: English

Quality: 720p


Version 2020/5 compared to 2020/3 number of 4 lessons, and about 1 hour increased.

Version 2020/7 compared to the version 2020/5 the number of 1 lesson and 1 minute increased.

Version 2020/11 compared to the version 2020/7 the number of 13 lesson and 1.5 hour increased.

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Download Part 11 – 505 MB

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  • Hey Downloadly, Thanks for sharing this course will you put separate files of updated content when the course is updated. It will easy for all of us to download or we have to download the whole 60 GB again. For eg in the latest update Funnel is new so try to make a separate part of rar named (Funnel) for new updates don’t add in the same rar. It will help us to save telecom data. Keep doing great work.

  • Hassan Faizan
    2021-01-04 1:27 pm

    Thanks a lot for providing updated courses

  • Raj Kamal
    2020-10-12 6:30 pm

    thanks, i understand i have to download other parts also.
    Also, I request you to please provide that bitdefender antivirus in English.
    Thanks, you are great.


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