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Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide, is the name of the Docker software application training course and the Kubernetes system . These are two of the highly demanded technologies and skills in the world today, and the reason is the simplification of the software development and dissemination process by them . In fact, from Docker to build the package that is used to the Container are famous and … in this package, upload, etc. the code desired and the necessary tools for its implementation code is located, and thus, another problem with code execution on a system and the lack of its implementation on the system, other you won’t face . In fact, if the desired code is run on a Container in a system, it will run on any other system as well . This is because Docker and Kubernetes make it very easy to develop and publish applications especially web development .

These two systems can be used for personal or Team Development and ensure that the software is run independently of the environment and the platform. This course first to get familiar with Docker and uses it. recipes step by step installation on Windows and Mac, and familiarity with the main concepts, namely the Container and the Image are dealt, and then how to build the Image and use the Image previous to teach . Familiarity with the major orders that when you use Docker to them, you’ll need it. how to work with data, explore, network, storage in the Container for communication with the outside world and the container of the other and work with projects contains one or few container, including other topics of this course are . In the next sections, also with the concepts and architecture of Kubernetes and release of software with various services, including AWS, ECS will be familiar .

What things to learn

Familiarity with Docker and Kubernetes and their uses
How to install and use Docker on all platforms
How to build and use Image and Container in Docker
Understand complex topics such as management and
Introduction to connecting container to the network by Docker networks and DNS discovery service
Publish Docker applications in manual ways managed services and Kubernetes

This training suits people who

People who dont have worked with Docker or Kubernetes
Everyone is prowling to understand what Docker is and what he is applying
Developers (especially the web ) who want to explore modern development operations and Docker

Profile Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide

Publisher: Udemy
Instructor : Academind by Maximilian Schwarzmüller, Maximilian Schwarzmüller
Language: English
Training level: from preliminary to advanced
Number of lessons : 257
Duration: 23h 37m

Head seasons

Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide


  • NO prior Docker or Kubernetes experience is required!
  • Basic (web) development knowledge is required – you don’t need to know a specific language though
  • AWS (used in a couple of deployment examples, ~4 hours of the course) requires a credit card – you can also follow along passively though


Docker & Kubernetes: The Practical Guide

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Installation guide

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Version 2020/11 in comparison with 2020/10 has increased 3 lectures and 6 minutes

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